Love an at Home Spa Day with PB Teen

A Home Spa Day on Valentine's with PB Teen

Happy Valentine’s Day loves! There is something about Valentine’s Day that makes you want to be pampered a little bit. I love having my nails done and well painted for holidays. I try to do the best I can year round, but sometimes a little R & R around holidays is just what I need. Now on a college budget, pampering is done with an at Home Spa Day for me!

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Love Winter Blues and the Spring Blues to Come

Winter Blues and Go To Trench Coat

Over the past year, I have really started to add more blues to my wardrobe. There is something about winter blues that makes me happy. Whether it be a new denim, a sweater, heels or a coat, blue is becoming a go-to. Plus, summer blues are coming and that thought automatically brings a smile to my face.

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Love Wall Art in Your Home

Love Wall Art in Your Home- Simply Poised x Minted

I have always been one to meander through the art aisles at stores and look at all the different options. But, I was never one to make a decision. There were always too many options to choose from and too little options that I like. However, when I found these two pieces I remembered why I loved wall art (or decor art) so much in the first place.

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Love The Red Pink Combo

Love the Red Pink Combo when layering this winter with JCREW

There are a few color combinations that I love- blue and white, green and pink, but one of my favorites is a red pink combo. So, this month (Valentine’s Day)  is the best time for me to break out that combination.

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Love a Little Black Dress

Love A Little Black Dress with a Pink Structured Jacket

Although I wouldn’t miss an excuse to wear a little pink dress for Valentine’s Day, a little black dress is a fabulous go-to for all you non pink lovers. I do not think you can ever go wrong with adding a little black dress to the staples of your wardrobe.

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Love a Good Pink Coat

Love a Good Pink Coat- 10 Days of Love for Valentine's on Simply Poised

I may be biased because I love pink through and through, but a pink coat to me is the perfect investment. Especially, during the winter season, wearing a color that doesn’t blend into the swarm of black and grey is refreshing. Plus, if you get a blush enough hue of pink, then it can act as a neutral in your wardrobe.

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