Colorado Adventures at Garden of the Gods Resort and Winter Park

Visiting Colorado Hotel Garden of the Gods Resort in Colorado Springs and Winter Park Skiing and Tubing

Do you ever see those dreamy resorts in movies that you just droll at? Me too and Garden of the Gods Resort is just that! I stayed here 2 weeks ago before I headed up to Winter Park with Russell and his team for a relaxing, fun filled, snowy weekend. Whenever I visit Colorado I always get excited to take pictures of the gorgeous view, but between sickness and snowy weather, my adventures tend to get cut short. However, while staying at Garden of the Gods Resort, I got more scenic shots and breathtaking views than I could have possibly ever imagined.

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New Noosa Flavors You Must Try

Loving Noosa Yogurt

I have always been a huge yoghurt person. My parents use to put them in our lunch boxes every day when we were little, making us love them for life. When I found Noosa, I fell in love. There are so many flavors I love and keep on finding more. Something about the thick, fresh taste keeps me coming back for more. When I heard there were new flavors out, I instantly got excited. Strawberry anything? Sold.

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Valentine’s Day Dresses and More

Valentine's Day Dresses You Should Grab RIght Now- Simply Poised x Asos

We’ve always said around our house that Valentine’s Day is a “Hallmark Holiday” (we still do- don’t worry), but I love this time of year where stores are filled with pinks and reds. I definitely miss waking up to a box of chocolates from my mom, but I am already excited to whip up a few red recipes and wearing pink Valentine’s Day Dresses, skirts and sweaters all week. I think the classy, delicate and uber feminine looks of the holiday always have me wanting more.

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How to Transition NYE Outfits into the New Year


All the glitter, metallic, leather and sequins of NYE are often pieces you retire until next year despite how much you loved them when you bought them just a couple weeks ago. So, how about if you could transition them into the new year without sparkling a little too much down the street? It is the perfect win, win, that’ll add glamour to your outfit.

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Glitter and Glam of December

Glitter and Glam for the Winter

December is all about glitter and glam- everything about the season is full of sparkle and shine. Over the next few days, I am going to share a few more looks that I think make the perfect holiday look. The holidays are all about silver and gold, so I  wear them when I can!

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A College Christmas

College Christmas DecorOne of the hardest parts of college is being away from home- especially during Christmas season. This year however, we learned that if you decorate for the holidays and really celebrate everything with your roommates, you are so much happier!

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