Gifting Creatively

DIY Tassel Necklace Gift with PBTEEN

As friends birthdays approach, I always contemplate what thoughtful gift I can create this year. I always love having a handmade gift in addition to one or two extra statement pieces. Necklaces have been an accessory I have been making and selling for years in a variety of styles, but I am going to show how to make the tassel design today.

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Keeping My Eyes Healthy Behind Screens

Saving my eyes with Pixel Eyewear- Blue Light Computer Glasses

Ever since 4th grade I have struggled with my vision. From being near sighted to trying to deal with my astigmatism, there have been a handful of obstacles to try to overcome (or at least figure out how to treat). With that being said, any tricks/tools I can use to keep my eyes in the best condition they can be- I really love to try. Being a fashion design major, blogger and student, I spend A LOT of time behind screens. Whether it be computer, phone, camera, iPad, etc, I am constantly looking at a bright screen. And with that comes headaches, eye strain and a messed up sleep schedule…till I found this little trick!

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Floral Wrap Dress

Banana Republic Black and White Floral Wrap Midi Dress in Greenwich Village NYC

Greenwich Village is one of my favorite 3 neighborhoods in NYC. When living there I always found myself in Chelsea (where I lived), Greenwich Village and SoHo. I think my favorite places are those that feel more like a neighborhood and less like a super urban area. I am definitely more of a homebody and don’t love industrial locations as much as those with scenery, so these neighborhoods were my go-to locations for sunday fundays!

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NYC’s Street of Hidden Gems

The Streets of NYU in Banana Republic DressI get overly excited to find beautiful places, let me tell you. The happiness that comes across me when I find myself in an area that I truly love is unbeatable. There is something about a breathtaking location that is so relaxing and exciting all at the same time. My older sister found this area in NYC and I was trying to figure out how to possibly live here because it is PICTURE PERFECT!

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Central Park Sundresses

Chic wish Sundress in Central Park NYC

Comfort is key for long walking days in NYC, but dressing up is always an added bonus to the day. When I was on my NYC trip last week, the heat was unbearable! So, summer dresses, comfortable shoes and barely any make up were in full swing! The amount of water we drank and sweat we dripped was unbelievable. It made me so thankful I did not live in the city during the humid months!

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Off the Shoulder Summers

Chicwish Off the shoulder tassel top on the NYC Highline

I loved The High Line more than I could explain when I lived in NYC, so when I returned to the city I knew I had to go spend some time on it in the summer weather. Little did I know there was so much greenery in the summers! I was in love with all the new plants and summer set up.

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