Maude Bomber Jacket


I always have a harder time branching out to edgier, street style pieces, but when I saw this Maude Bomber Jacket I knew I had to have it. The waistband hits perfectly and the pocket/elbow pad detailing had me in love at first sight. A little part of me thought this was a total Top Gun clothing item- but hey, I am not complaining!

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Apple Orchards on Friday Afternoons


Apple Orchards have always been such a fond, distant memory in my head ever since we were little. We use to go to them in New Jersey when we were little kids and pick apples for our mom to bake delicious treats with. The Apple Orchards in Ohio are gorgeous and all over so we headed over there Friday afternoon!

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Fall Hues



Happy First Day of Fall y’all! Although I can say without a doubt that summer is my favorite season. Up here where the trees change colors and fall is actually a season, I have truly grown to love it. With that being said, it is still 88 degrees here- WHAT?! We are patiently waiting for fall to show up. However, I love fall hues more every year so I am most definitely breaking out my autumn wardrobe soon.

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My Go-to Study Tricks

My go to Study tricks wearing Zara Floral Blazer

We are now a month into school (holy cow, time is flying!!!) and that means that projects are in full swing. Considering it is my senior year, I am attempting to have this whole “time management” thing down and not procrastinate. With that being said, I thought I would share with you all my favorite study tricks to help myself stay focused!

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Anthropologie Blues

If anyone knows me, they know that working at Anthro has turned me into a fanatic. The amount of my wardrobe that comes from Anthro is actually unhealthy, but they never seize to amaze me in the beautiful pieces they get in! The Anthropologie Blues this year were GORGEOUS! There were so many different hues, prints, embroideries and designs. I could not get enough (and that is saying a lot because I always gravitate towards pink, of course).

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Sunflower Fields of Ohio

Prayers for Maria Sunflower Field in Cleveland

Sunflower fields are always something I love to stop at and snap a picture or two, but when we figured out about this beauty, we knew it was a trip worth taking. I could not believe the beauty behind this story and the location itself- it pulled my heart strings!

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Japanese Gardens

Gardens of Ohio

I am holding on to the warm weather and summer dresses as much as I can, but I know it’ll be fading soon. However, I am so excited to explore the gardens of Ohio in the fall. The fall foliage of Ohio is unlike anything we see in Texas so I am already anticipating the arrival of all the yellow and orange hues. I cannot wait to return to Stan Hywet during October to capture the beauty of the season (stay tuned!).

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